The classic picket fence

Fence company Alpharetta presents the classic white picket fence! The white picket fence is a staple in American culture and favorite amongst customers at Fence company Alpharetta. As such, we decided to give you the history of this symbol of the American Dream and how it all started.

The ideal middle class

The white picket fence became a symbol of all American things and was a cornerstone of ideal middle-class life, together with two children and a lovely home. This piece of American history dates back to the earliest colonial times of American history, referenced in Gatsby’s quotes from Heidi Krum.

It is now a decorative way to keep your property clear in these times as a method of keeping animals in. It also safeguards children and corrals animals without hampering their vision. The picket fence fits any dream home of America, regardless of the State, due to its colored white nature and dimension.

In order to presume the feel of an open garden, most white picket fences are not more than four feet high. A top and bottom horizontal rail are easily fitted into the valve posts, and for a symmetric and even appearance installed into the floor. This baby was mainly made of wood and a pretty pure white was then painted. However, nowadays, it is more likely for the user to find whitewashed fences (https:/ or[ PVC-styling pickets]. Alpharetta Fence Company offers all the styles mentioned above to install!

The turning tides

The white picket fence remains an American symbol of prosperity and peace, though it was not so popular as in the 1900s. From houses in the suburbs, to houses and swimming pools. This symbol has always been with the American people, and it doesn’t go anywhere, just like all the red American people are tenacious.

She grew up from a humble start. A way to stop the flock from running amock, to border the homes of our ancestors to a nation’s homes. The white picket fence has seen more than any other, although unimportant in the greater world. From our initial steps on this land to the revolution that turned history into the most significant economic collapse of history. The fall of tyrants, the struggles of the people and the growth of a new generation were seen and will be seen in this symbol of America.

We all saw her going from home to home, from small to large. She has signposted our boundaries and kept us safe. She’s a simple white, historically little picket closure. We recognize the manner in which this fence has shaped US culture and history in Fence company Alpharetta. With one picket at once, we hope to continue its legacy.

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