Looking to remove Coconut Creek Popcorn ceiling? Do you need any justification for investing in quality Coconut Creek service? Well here we are showing you precisely why the popcorn ceiling you have purchased since you bought your home should be removed from it and why it might be one of the best choices you have ever had with your home and family.

Why should you have it removed?

Contains asbestos

Has asbestos ever been heard? Here’s a quick summary if you haven’t; very, very dangerous. Asbestos has been prohibited from commercial use in the widespread world and is linked to many neurological and respiratory diseases, including death in severe cases. Unfortunately, in premade popcorn ceiling and wall coverings and structured paints, asbestos was a key and popular ingredient in popcorn overall ceilings. Though almost 40 years have passed since, in the US alone, the asbestos in their ceiling paintings can still be found in an unknown number of homes. This might endanger you and your family with your popcorn ceiling. A hazardous and tacky? Why then and for many builders then and now is this still a popular move? Well, why is this.

It makes a great mask

It makes a big mask popular at the time for easy installation. Popcorn ceilings quickly became a trend which contracting companies and their industry were soon to abuse. If there were unexpected defects, a layer of popcorn ceiling and paint could and would easily hide them. And it’s not just some bad layers that they’ve hidden. You’ve named it and probably tried to hide it, water damage, unfinished plastering, misfitting layering. Coconut Creek has revealed several such coverup jobs and trust us when we say; this is not lovely. Popcorn ceiling removal

Are you in the area of Coconut Creek? Look just like us, the best money can be bought by popcorn ceiling removal experts. Work with us and never regret that, by replacing the tacky and badly finished popcorn ceiling and walls, we bring a few life in your old and fading home.