Paving Service

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We are a company providing full service asphalt and concrete construction and repair. We offer high-quality goods and services at affordable rates. Family owned and operated, we promote the provision of excellent service in order to achieve full customer satisfaction. We are fully licensed and partnered with all of your paving services. We stand by our core values of consistency, honesty and excellence. 

The industry faces the following challenges and opportunities: growth in disposable household income increases demand for household spending on patio and driveway upgrades and maintenance, which also includes paving services. Therefore, by supplying operators with a broader maintenance sector, the industry benefits from an increase in private spending on home improvements. Private spending on home improvements is expected to decline in 2019, posing a potential threat to the industry.

The Paving Service generates revenue from driveway construction, and the installation of driveways is typically in higher demand when more houses are built. Housing start-ups are expected to increase in 2019, which is a potential opportunity for the industry.

The wide range of paver shapes, colors, textures, and patterns enables custom design for any kind of courtyard, patio, porch, or driveway. With a wide range of paver styles and colors, you can be sure of the quality and availability of the pavers you use. Consider these indoor and outdoor living areas stunning, functional designs to share with your family and friends.

Our quality control technicians and systems manage overall site safety, track truck positioning and traffic control, monitor grades and ensure project smooth operation and meet requirements.

Roofing Service

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Most commercial roofing companies realize that because of frequent roofing issues, the last thing you need is to lose profitability. With Roofing Service, you can rely on our experience to cover millions of square feet of roofing as your trusted roofing service provider. Tap a quick call on our service and experience mix. 

The roof has a life cycle, and at some stage it goes beyond repair. Our business roofing engineering team will perform a comprehensive survey of your roof, including a current conditions photo study, and provide a value-added roofing solution that fits your budget, energy needs, sustainability strategy, and business goals.

To help homeowners recover from the effects of storms on their houses, Roofing Services offers innovative roofing and siding solutions. We offer a wide range of restauration services, including specialized services, to commercial property owners. Within our headquarters, we operate across the country— with various teams that know the specific demands of each region.

We are proud to serve the community with the best of roofing services. The Roofing Service’s stability and productivity are our main priorities. Our dedicated team will work in residential and commercial property for existing buildings as well as ongoing projects.

For more information about our services today, call Roofing Services. Our roofing services provide our customers with the personal attention they deserve. Our representative is visiting the customer to ensure that we respond appropriately to his or her needs. Therefore, you should feel confident that any roofing work will be done in a timely and efficient manner. We also offer insurance claim support for your convenience. Call us at the moment

Tile Installation Service

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Tile Installation Service requires adequate subfloor planning to prevent damage to water and ensure a long-lasting floor. We make sure we have all the supplies we need to mount, whether it’s a cement board or a tile backer base.

 We make sure the floor has the appropriate reinforcements to be mounted correctly for heavy tiles such as slate.

The grout lines are filled after the tile has been laid and the mortar has been placed. Since grout needs to recover completely for a couple of weeks, we can come back and apply a grout sealant to prevent stains if necessary.

It’s not easy to tell the difference between floor tile and wall tile just by looking at them, but there’s a difference. The fundamental difference between the floor tile and the wall tile is that it is longer lasting. Because a floor takes more aggression than a wall, it needs more resistance to cracking and chipping as objects are dropped on it

The strength and hardness of a particular tile is determined by the ingredients that make up the shell of the tile, the type of glaze or finish used, if any, and how long the tile is fired at what temperature. Floor tile can be used on walls, but this should not be reversed.

Tile and stone are carried in all sizes from small 1⁄2 “to 24″ square tiles. Generally, however, today’s most floor tile is 18”-20. Tile size will influence the design of the space. The trend is toward rectangular tiles and wide tiles. It’s really a personal taste issue. How do we have our skilled tile repair service? We’ve been helping business people discover the beauty of quality flooring for many years.

Roofing Service

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Our emergency roof repair project is designed to deliver relief. No country roof is 100% immune from damage. Other common causes can be strong winds, flooding, tornadoes, hurricanes, wear and tear. It can assist with proper design and maintenance of prevention. But there comes a time when you just need to pick up the phone and call a professional roofer. You know Bert Roofing is ready to go if it’s time now. We’ve got the planning, the supplies and now we’re committed to finishing your home repairs!

At Roofing Service, we are a factory-certified and warranty-trained group of builders specializing in roof building and repair of roof. We work on all types of projects, including residential, corporate, manufacturing, distribution, education, retail and institutional initiatives.

You can contact the Roofing Service if reliable commercial roofing services are needed. We are a full-service roofing business offering a full range of roofing services to commercial property owners. We will assist you with your roofing business needs, including new facilities, testing, repairing, renovation, repairs, and more. Our team of experienced roofers will always take extra care to meet your standards when completing your roofing project.

Roofing Service is here to assist you with all of your Dallas roofing needs, including hail and wind-damaged roof repair. Dallas roofing companies have been busy this year with another style of hail season and tumultuous weather. Our professional roofing company is able to complete any roofing project. Most of the residential roofing materials are built and replaced, such as slate, concrete, tile roofs, metal roofing, stone-coated steel and cement shingles. If the hail storm strikes your home’s roof, we’ll help.

When you’re looking for a reliable roofing company, you’ve definitely come to the right place. We are proud of our years of experience and are bringing together a professional team to help you meet all your roofing needs.

Tile Installation Services

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Our top priority is personal service. Our owner provides hands-on help and continues to participate throughout the process. To build a bathroom you will love, you can count on our meticulous workmanship. Call us today to discuss your ideas for bathroom renovation. Project and community!

Porcelain floor tiles are extremely durable, but when they stand up to anything, they last a lifetime. Porcelain has a bright palette, which makes separating them from natural stone often difficult. For larger spaces, exits, and even outdoors, they are ideal.

Your #1 option for all the installation services of your Floor Tile. Our Floor Tile Installation Contractors will provide all the requirements, equipment, budget and design choices in your region as well as provide your Floor Tile Installation project with only top-quality materials and a hard-working team. Everyone you choose to work with should be confident and comfortable as it applies to your home with the scope of the project. With the installation of Floor Tile, we work closely with you and respect your goal.

Wherever you can find tile installers, it’s extremely rare to find the right pro who gives your project everything he has. We are very thorough and take their jobs very seriously as far as it is a matter of personal pride. You’ll note that as you watch them work, they’re not just rubbing the cheap thinset and plumbing the tiles and finishing as soon as possible. We are rather meticulous; we measure carefully and section the construction before and during the project to ensure that every tile is even and that there is no “lippage” (extremely important when working with rectified tile).

Tile Installation Services

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I’m dealing with ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles, granite tiles, marble tiles, slate tiles, sandstone tiles, travertine tiles and glass tiles. I’ll give you a picture frame by installing your backsplash tile, installing the floor tile, or installing the shower tile.

At least for now, I’m making all my own tile installs. I am a single flying tile designer in San Diego.

 I will put the price of my tile installations against any other tile contractor in San Diego’s tile installations. Call me, and let’s get to build a new toilet, shower, or tiled floor for your house.

Email me here and let’s go ahead!New tile can dramatically change the look of your home or office. Whether you’re constructing a tile floor, tile countertops, a tile shower enclosure, or other tile projects, this is one home improvement project that can have a dramatic visual impact and significantly improve the appearance and efficiency of your home or office.

Tile is resistant to wear and easy to maintain. It is a great flooring alternative, especially in areas that are often wet or humid, such as doors, mudrooms, kitchens and bathrooms. This is because tile avoids molding, like wood and other synthetic surfaces, and does not expand or contract with changes in weather.

Fox Marble provides mid-size and larger tile projects with precision craftsmanship, craftsmanship and expertise from customer tile bathrooms to extensive slab floors. We streamline the process, whether it’s slab work or tile work, and manage all aspects–from helping you select the right materials to final installation.

Tree Service

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We are in the tree service business because we care for our clients and plants. That’s why we only hire highly skilled climbers with years of experience. Tree surgeons often strictly adhere to the standards of TCIA and ISA. If you are in the DFW area, we would love to work with you–ask for your free estimate today!

They are proud to provide tree pruning, tree trimming, tree removal, stump removal, stump grinding, brush chipping, cabling and bracing, emergency services and cleaning. Our tree services are high demand, Plano and all the cities listed in our service area at the bottom of the page.

Your trees are the most valuable asset on your farm, and proper tree trimming is the most important part of the well-being of the trees. A fact is, your tree is susceptible to tree disease from the cuts made.  However, your tree will not recover, it will seal around the cut area. Your tree service provider needs to have the right knowledge on all aspects of pruning.

At Tree Service, we are committed to your safety and protection, both from tree-related threats and from unsuccessfully insured companies. That’s why the International Arboriculture Society accredits us and is also fully insured for your safety. We are also a proud member of the Better Business Bureau, and for years we have been open. We have over 20 years of tree service industry experience and are working to provide the best possible care for our customers. Our workers are always prompt to clean up when the job is done, paying attention to the smallest detail.

The International Arboricultural Society (ISA) accredits us.  This means that we have learned a lot to pass the initial certification examination and are constantly attending seminars and classes that keep us at the forefront of tree research and allow us to keep our certification up to date with the requirements of continuing education.  You can go here to check the credentials of a tree service provider if you need to use a certified arborist.

AC Repair Service

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Once they start working at home, our technicians are also screened and thoroughly checked. Our AC technicians installed most of all types of HVAC equipment. Have you been told to upgrade your compressor by another organization? Call us, and we’ll be glad to give you a different opinion.

We believe that our best advertising is to be happy customers. Our aim is to provide you with excellent air conditioning facilities worthy of referrals from beginning to end. We appreciate it when you speak to your friends and family about our business. We know we have done a great job because our client assures us they will be clients of life. Most people don’t know why when they call for help, their system doesn’t work. When you froze your evaporator coil, the copper lines of the outer device may also be frozen. Depending on how thick the ice is in your condenser, you’ll get a good idea of how deep the ice is in the evaporator coil. You must first test your filters.

 If your filter is dirty, you’re in luck, and this is probably your problem. If you’ve figured out your filter needs to be replaced, defrosting your cooling system will be the next move. The easiest way to defrost your equipment is to leave the system off at your thermostat for a few hours, with the fan control at the on-site.

We seek to provide excellent customer service and high-quality workmanship in every AC repair job we do. If you find anything out of the ordinary with your AC’s operation, you can contact one of our trained central air repair technicians.

No one knows when their air conditioning unit will be broken down. When it does, though, remember that the Totally Cool AC is here to back up and run your heating or air conditioning system in no time. This morning, call us!

Landscaping Service

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Landscaping is a full service landscaping company with a design / building philosophy that is clear and unique. We believe that from his paper concept to the realization of your house, one landscape designer will do the job. The reason; by doing this, you can communicate and interact with a single person, where you can share your thoughts and ideas together and bring them to life.

Landscaping company consists of a group of highly trained professionals in landscaping who pay a lot of attention to small details. With 5 years of experience, our employees keep your property looking and working beautifully. In addition, our landscapers are fully certified.

We are here with your Landscaping mates to ensure that the work is done as you want it to be done and when you want it to be finished. Our proud employees appreciate each of our clients -whether it’s a leaf cleanup or a large patio design, Patch can take care of any part of your landscaping needs. We want to share with you our enthusiasm and make sure your land patch is perfect and lush.

Landscaping service is a full-service lawn care management company, landscape design and landscape construction contractor for both residential and commercial customers. The company has been running for years and now has four experienced lawn maintenance crews, each directly supervised by one of the owners. In reality, in most cases, one of the owners is usually on site for each of our employees to ensure the best possible job.

If you need help with a nice design for your home’s backyard, or you can always count on us to meet your needs. You will always be able to reach a live person, and our flexible appointment scheduling choices are designed to fit your busy life. We’re going to make your lawn stay healthy and look great, giving you the dream lawn you’ve always wanted.

Paving Service

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We provide the new, commercial and industrial paving services, including asphalt, for high-quality paving services. All too often, we see homeowners investing in high-grade asphalt and hiring a paving contractor at a cut-rate. All elements must be in place to be effective with your paving project— quality materials and top service providers.

Through providing you with the best quality of workmanship, we promise to help make your paving project topnotch. This is a critical step in getting the optimum sustainability and productivity you’re looking for. When it comes to paving services, don’t settle for less than the best.

We’re the pavement-to-all! Tennis courts, parking lots ventures, and more. We make it easy to remove the old asphalt and easy to install the new blacktop. Do not underestimate how much it can make if you simply change your parking lot or driveway to change a business or house look.

CLEANUP AND REMOVAL The demolition and refurbishment mess left behind will be clear. During and after completion of the project, Paving company takes pride in safe and healthy work environments.

We are committed to delivering the best of our experience, knowledge and expertise from years of service in the paving industry to our customers. We always complete our work on time and within your budget until we begin our work and provide free estimates. We do all, including commercial or industrial paving jobs, paving service is the right choice for any project, no matter how large or small it may be.

In the local community, we have a strong reputation for high-quality workmanship and affordable prices. We have vast experience and expertise in the construction industry, helping us to push beyond the market. If you want to redo your driveway or install a new sidewalk, it’s the business to choose paving companies. We care about each project and treat it as if it were our own.

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