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Once they start working at home, our technicians are also screened and thoroughly checked. Our AC technicians installed most of all types of HVAC equipment. Have you been told to upgrade your compressor by another organization? Call us, and we’ll be glad to give you a different opinion.

We believe that our best advertising is to be happy customers. Our aim is to provide you with excellent air conditioning facilities worthy of referrals from beginning to end. We appreciate it when you speak to your friends and family about our business. We know we have done a great job because our client assures us they will be clients of life. Most people don’t know why when they call for help, their system doesn’t work. When you froze your evaporator coil, the copper lines of the outer device may also be frozen. Depending on how thick the ice is in your condenser, you’ll get a good idea of how deep the ice is in the evaporator coil. You must first test your filters.

 If your filter is dirty, you’re in luck, and this is probably your problem. If you’ve figured out your filter needs to be replaced, defrosting your cooling system will be the next move. The easiest way to defrost your equipment is to leave the system off at your thermostat for a few hours, with the fan control at the on-site.

We seek to provide excellent customer service and high-quality workmanship in every AC repair job we do. If you find anything out of the ordinary with your AC’s operation, you can contact one of our trained central air repair technicians.

No one knows when their air conditioning unit will be broken down. When it does, though, remember that the Totally Cool AC is here to back up and run your heating or air conditioning system in no time. This morning, call us!