It is not easy to install an air conditioner.  Trying to set up your own system or use an unauthorized company or person is not a good idea.  Ac installation offers high quality air-conditioning to commercial and residential air-conditioning units using qualified heat and air-conditioning equipment of the highest quality but with lower costs.  We only use trained technicians who install AC units every day and every day. Project HVAC hires only the most experienced and qualified AC installers in Florida and other regions.

We are big enough to accommodate you quickly and at the best price, but small enough to give you the preferred personalized service. Our Florida offices handle the AC system efficiently through our HVAC maintenance plan. Annual performance tuning of air conditioning helps prevent mechanical failures which could harm your indoor comfort. Preventive air conditioner maintenance helps to prevent expensive AC changes, increases energy efficiency, extends expected life of the AC unit and detects out – of-pocket components before failure.

Roofing device We have worked as a company specializing in commercial buildings on various types of structures. We are prepared to do the job, regardless of the size of your building or the original design. Contact us today to learn about our products and services to our customers. We work in homes, apartments, school, commercial, sanitary, retail technologies including wireless network control, smart home integration, electronic programmable thermostats and zoning inspections. Each time we use HVAC equipment, we master the newest in HVAC devices and machinery with continuous training.