All asphalt floors should be maintained regularly in order to cope daily with the rising traffic, humidity and oxidation pressures. Sealcoating is a processed carbon tar or asphalt surface solution used to protect your floor layer and extend its life. Sealcoat therapies (particularly carbon tar) allow asphalt surfaces to resist oxidative aging and oil spill degradation. Sealcoating has an immense value in avoiding newer paving maintenance. A freshly sealed surface offers instant curbing appeal and extends life to old and weathered floors.

Sealcoating is a protective layer covering elements such as water, oils and UV. Life. Death. Death. Damage. It also helps prevent corrosion and causes cracks and potholes that can occur over time. Every crack must be cleaned and filled before the sealcoat can be added to our team. These must be removed and any structural problems repaired in order to properly display oil and other chemicals. Our team is proud to do everything possible for the proper completion of the sealcoat process.

It may not be your fault, but it is your asphalt.  And from time to time potholes and other distresses will require attention.  Root invasion of neighboring planting and hydrostatical hydropressure may also contribute to safety challenges for pedestrians.  Early detection of problems on the floor surfaces will avoid further degradation of the asphalt and will allow you to extend the life of your floor.  The patching procedure also includes removing the surface of a defect and replacing the concrete parking shielding on the older asphalt paves, as it eliminates fine particles often lost with asphalt due to the oxidation and deterioration on the rim.