In order to address the continuous accumulation of traffic, moisture and corrosion stresses, all asphalt pavement surfaces are routinely treated. Sealcoating is a refined carbon tar or asphalt surface product used to preserve and extend the surface life. Treating the sealcoat (especially based on carbon tar) enables the asphalt surfaces to withstand oxidative aging and the degradation of fuel and oil spills. Sealcoating is an enormous value of preventive maintenance of new roads. A freshly cleaned surface gives the old and weathered floors instant curb attraction and longer life.

The emphasis is on providing the highest quality products and delivery to consumers on time and on budget. We have years of experience in the paving industry and are actively involved in our business everyday by our members. We are working to ensure our customers receive the quality service they have expected and deserve during the Parking Lot Sealing project because it replaces fine particles sometimes lost to the asphalt surface due to corrosion and degradation on the top layers.

A significant advantage is the compactness of the modular system with set choices. Plant relocation is facilitated by specially built stainless steel anchor base and carriage devices, while the modular structure and easy foundation-free installation is ideal for equipment transport and removal.

Sealcoating consists of a protective layer covering the components: water, oils and UV. Life. Death. Death. Damage. It also helps prevent erosion, creating cracks and potholes that can occur over time. Some cracks have to be repaired and filled before the sealcoat can be used by our team. They must be removed and any structural problems resolved in order to properly screen oils and other chemicals. Our group is pleased to do what is needed to ensure that the cycle of sealcoats is completed properly.

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