Popcorn removal: A confusing blemish.

Any kind of blemish, be it may, big or small, it can ruin a good looking ceiling.
Though in the early 1980’s, popcorn styled ceilings, otherwise known as textured ceilings, can still be found in some American homes today.

At Popcorn Removal in West Palm Beach, we are here to help customers transform their homes, giving the old look of the home, a fresh look and giving the home new life and purpose.

If you’re looking for reasons to remove those popcorn ceilings, we have compiled a list of a few reasons to.

Why Should You Remove It?

Reasons to why some people would want to get rid of the popcorn ceiling in their home will vary from person to person. Some don’t like the style anymore and might feel they want to get rid of it. Others feel it may be a potential health risk.
So even if you might be interested in buying a house with a popcorn ceiling, you need to consider calling a popcorn removal company to deal with your ceiling to avoid potential harm.

It isn’t likely that you would find a house with a popcorn ceiling, considering that it became a home trend from early 1930’s all the way through to 1990, but it is possible you’d find a home untouched with popcorn ceiling.

With that all being said, companies and buildings still have popcorn ceilings, reason, because it’s cheaper and it save a lot of time. But through it all, there remains a health risk that only popcorn ceiling removers may be able to tell you about.

Popcorn ceilings from the early 1980 has been contained with asbestos.
Asbestos has been banned in many places but hasn’t been put out of popcorn ceilings.
Studies have shown that the dangers of these substances has been reason for many people getting cancer and putting animals and people in other danger.

Unfortunately, popcorn ceilings has been used to hide unfinished work, as well as hide all types of blemishes.
As time went on, there has been more laws which has been enforced for health reasons. Though this has solved one problem, it has led to another where contractors now feel urged to hide their mistakes and unfinished work behind it.

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