Design metal roofs suit most sized structures in many varieties and price ranges. We offer outstanding energy savings and extraordinary longevity, lasting more than conventional asphalt roofs on average 20–30 years.
A lot of people don’t know that a lot of roofing problems actually have nothing to do with the shingles. While the state of your shingles are a good indicator of the condition of your roof, there are several other factors that come into play like gutters, flashing, and the internal structure and insulation. So before you rule out the need for inspection based solely on how things look from the outside, think about all the other aspects of a roof first!
Investing in this type of roof system can not only raise your property’s value, it will also turn your home or commercial property’s appearance. We will schedule custom metal roofs built by Metal Roofing Wilmington in a timely manner, completing both on time and on budget your roof renovation. Your professional team of experts will meet with you and assist you in selecting the best metal roof for the needs of your home or commercial building. When you decide on the type of custom-built metal roof, we will complete the installation with high quality standards and performance.

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Homeowners in Wilmington NC and surrounding counties continue to choose Excel Roofing Company as their metal roofing contractor as we plan every metal roofing project with the greatest attention to detail and when it’s time to install your metal roof we will have workers committed to the task in hand until the job is finished and the final screw is in place.
When built by a roofing contractor with the experience and commitment to the roofing trade, all the above listed metal roofing panels work perfectly.
Metal roofs are more durable than shingles when built by a professional roofing contractor and will last longer than aspahlt shingles. Once faced with extreme weather conditions, any small detail will either make or brake a roofing device.
There’s no too big or too small plan. We look forward to working together and welcoming you to our satisfied customer family in Wilmington NC. Building on excellent roofing techniques, high safety standards and good prices, we can foster great working relationships with our customers. Our expert team has extensive experience in roof installation and repair, and have honed our skills over several years. In short, we know roofing!