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Tile Installation Service requires adequate subfloor planning to prevent damage to water and ensure a long-lasting floor. We make sure we have all the supplies we need to mount, whether it’s a cement board or a tile backer base.

 We make sure the floor has the appropriate reinforcements to be mounted correctly for heavy tiles such as slate.

The grout lines are filled after the tile has been laid and the mortar has been placed. Since grout needs to recover completely for a couple of weeks, we can come back and apply a grout sealant to prevent stains if necessary.

It’s not easy to tell the difference between floor tile and wall tile just by looking at them, but there’s a difference. The fundamental difference between the floor tile and the wall tile is that it is longer lasting. Because a floor takes more aggression than a wall, it needs more resistance to cracking and chipping as objects are dropped on it

The strength and hardness of a particular tile is determined by the ingredients that make up the shell of the tile, the type of glaze or finish used, if any, and how long the tile is fired at what temperature. Floor tile can be used on walls, but this should not be reversed.

Tile and stone are carried in all sizes from small 1⁄2 “to 24″ square tiles. Generally, however, today’s most floor tile is 18”-20. Tile size will influence the design of the space. The trend is toward rectangular tiles and wide tiles. It’s really a personal taste issue. How do we have our skilled tile repair service? We’ve been helping business people discover the beauty of quality flooring for many years.