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Our top priority is personal service. Our owner provides hands-on help and continues to participate throughout the process. To build a bathroom you will love, you can count on our meticulous workmanship. Call us today to discuss your ideas for bathroom renovation. Project and community!

Porcelain floor tiles are extremely durable, but when they stand up to anything, they last a lifetime. Porcelain has a bright palette, which makes separating them from natural stone often difficult. For larger spaces, exits, and even outdoors, they are ideal.

Your #1 option for all the installation services of your Floor Tile. Our Floor Tile Installation Contractors will provide all the requirements, equipment, budget and design choices in your region as well as provide your Floor Tile Installation project with only top-quality materials and a hard-working team. Everyone you choose to work with should be confident and comfortable as it applies to your home with the scope of the project. With the installation of Floor Tile, we work closely with you and respect your goal.

Wherever you can find tile installers, it’s extremely rare to find the right pro who gives your project everything he has. We are very thorough and take their jobs very seriously as far as it is a matter of personal pride. You’ll note that as you watch them work, they’re not just rubbing the cheap thinset and plumbing the tiles and finishing as soon as possible. We are rather meticulous; we measure carefully and section the construction before and during the project to ensure that every tile is even and that there is no “lippage” (extremely important when working with rectified tile).